Sex, Lies & Shoeboxes

Private investigator and recovering alcoholic Bobbie Vale is hired to find a missing bride-to-be whose dark past exposes memories of domestic violence and molestation for Bobbie, memories she has long tried to suppress. But little does Bobbie know that this first case will lead her to her next case where there’s a missing pregnant bank president, a dangerous millionaire with ties to North Korea and a dead ex-husband whose body she is reluctant to claim. Things could not get any worse for Bobbie...could they? With the help of her sexy secretary, part-time body guard – and secret crush - Eddie Dillon, Bobbie must battle the demons of her dark past, dig through deadly lies and shameful secrets, and a closet full of shoeboxes to not only save her future, but to solve these two cases before all hell breaks loose in the small town of Stockton, California.

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