That Color Blind

Kind of Love 

Twyla and Sampson are kindred spirits that have loved and searched for one another for over a century. It started in 1855 on a plantation in Virginia. Twyla was a slave owned by Sampson’s family. Twyla was a beautiful 15 year old girl who worked in the kitchen for the Bennett family, a wealthy southern tobacco family. Sampson was 19 years old. When Sampson’s mother learns of their illicit love affair and the impending birth of their love child, she sells Twyla to the highest bidder. Ninety plus years later (1935), Twyla and Sampson are reborn and find each other again, but the Racial Integrity Act of 1924 forbids miscegenation. They are both jailed and forced to divorce. It’s the present day and the kindred spirits have found one another again for a third time. Have things changed now? Will society and their families finally allow them to love one another?

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